About Us

E.F. Contact is an e-commerce directory of E.F. Network Ltd, a multi-national conglomerate and global player in technology for over two decades. Since the company landed in Nigeria in 1995 it has been deploying different technological products, services and changing the way Nigerians approach technology. The company has now launched the E.F. Contact, which would revolutionize the way Nigerians buy, sell and search for services and products. E.F. Contact (efcontact) can make a small company grow faster than the norm.

EFcontact.com is a new digital economy, a mini website for every business, where any business can post a summary of all of its products and services, address, phone, and email, or even prices. We do not touch or collect any cash payments from sales and services or ship products or deliver any products, and or take any percentage of users profits. Our business is drawing traffic to businesses and connecting people for a business handshake. Whatever happens between seller and buyer, service providers and clients, or logistics we are not involved. We only care for them to reach each other to do business and drawing traffic to businesses; because the success of any business is a game of numbers. One cannot compare a business receiving 100 customers daily with one receiving 5 daily.


Registration on EFContact

Here at www.efcontact.com, we’ve created an e-commerce directory so that you can find any registered product and or service that you may need at any time starting from services and products nearest to you. You can search using your phone or visit our website.

To start using E.F. Contact, simply go to Google play store and download our app or visit www.efcontact.com to register, bingo, you are ready to start receiving customers.

Once your registration is approved, your own dashboard becomes available, where you will see all your business requests, calls, live chat with customers/clients, send and receive pictures of products, save all your customers' information/chats, as long as you want and do many things. You can also begin to advertise or post different products daily, weekly, or monthly completely free. With E.F. Contact, you can search by geographical area-in miles, village, town, city, state, or nationwide. It is the most updated, easiest, and best B2B directory in Nigeria and expanding to West African countries. It is an e-commerce of choice in Nigeria serving both public and private interests.

Tourist Sites in Nigeria

You can also find tourist sites in every state of Nigeria, events, or nightlife for those interested in leisure. Tourism is a booster of the economy, and many state governments and nation-states are drawing tourists to their territories, so you have an opportunity to see each registered state tourist site and decide on when to visit the state or find cheap hotels or driving directing to leisure sites. Save time and money with us at this one-stop-shop directory.

If you are a business owner, you can find customers without expensive advertisements, which can drain any business. We have taken the load off from you, by putting your name into Nigeria cyberspace. That will make it easier for the public to find you and do business with you. At www.efcontact.com a small business can look like a big business.

Even foreign companies looking for businesses with Nigerian companies can find you just by you posting your services or products at efcontact.com. Also, foreign and domestic employers can find Nigeria job seekers using our employer/job applicant option. Any job applicant can post his/her CV online at E.F. Contact, where it can be seen worldwide. Equally, both domestic and foreign employers can advertise job openings on the E.F. Contact job section for you to apply. This can be another gateway for the import and export of Nigeria's labor market, products, and services.

At www.efcontact.com you have the opportunity to find almost every product and service you may want, timely, from the comfort of your home, office, on the road, or in the car. Just try it and see for yourself.